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Lockheed Constellation N494TW

1992-1993 Air Show clips of Lockheed Constellation N494TW

Here is video of Lockheed Constellation N494TW. There are some clips of it during taxing, takeoff, flying and landing. It had been restored to it's Military Air Transport Service era finish and was fairly new on the airshow circuit. This was taken over two airshows in 1992 and 1993 at Geneseo, NY. You can see that in 1993 it had some landing gear issues, with the main gear not being able to retract completely. Video of fair quality that was just recently converted to digital, but at least this footage has been preserved. After just a few years this plane was sold off, and you won't be seeing it fly anytime soon. It's now on Jeju Island, South Korea as a static display, with some of it's good engines sold off. It's be re-done in period Korean Air colors.

This was filmed with a JVC VHS-C camcorder.