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Assorted Watch Fobs

These will all be modern advertising and promotional watch fobs

What is a Watch Fob?    Well, there's a whole bunch of definitions out there, here's mine. A watch fob is a counterweight or anchor for a pocket watch to prevent the watch from impacting the ground by arresting it's fall if dropped or from letting it slip out of the pocket to be lost. It also covers the later items that these fobs changed into. A pocket watch was generally worn in a vest pocket with a chain, belt or strap of various materials threaded through a vest button hole (later attached to the button hole with a small t-bar or similar, like modern tie pins) and anchored in the opposite pocket with something of some weight. That something is a watch fob. Early on, watch fobs were simple weights to ornate pieces of jewelery depending on your wealth. Later times added medal medalions with images or inscriptions. Watch fobs were used by both men and women and were attached in many ways besides the common one described here.

Although they still can be used in the original way, the items dealt with here are watch fobs more in name than in their actual use. These were used as advertising and promotional items, mainly for heavy equipment and trucks, and had shortened leather straps meant to be hung from your pants belt. Some are solid brass, some are plated, some enameled and a few have images on both sides. It wasn't uncommon 30 years ago to see equipment operators and independent truckers wearing these. Most here date from the 1960's to 1980's with a few earlier items. The extra large fobs seen as the centerpiece of each case were novelty paperweights.

NOTE: I tried to go the lazy route with case 1, but it looked it. So, I restarted with case 2 and when time permits, I will redo case 1.

Watch Fobs - Case 1

Watch Fob - Case 1

Case 1 - Group A ----- Contains Watch Fobs   # 1 thru # 18

Case 1 - Group B ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 19 thru # 36

Case 1 - Group C ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 37 thru # 54

Case 1 - Group D ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 55 thru # 72

Case 1 - Group E ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 73 thru # 80

Watch Fobs - Case 2

Watch Fob - Case 2

Case 2 - Group A ----- Contains Watch Fobs   # 81 thru   # 98

Case 2 - Group B ----- Contains Watch Fobs   # 99 thru # 116

Case 2 - Group C ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 117 thru # 134

Case 2 - Group D ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 135 thru # 152

Case 2 - Group E ----- Contains Watch Fobs # 153 thru # 160

Watch Fobs - Lot 3

Assorted Loose Watch Fobs ----- Contains Watch Fobs   # 161 thru # 163