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Belt Buckles - Trucks

Kenworth Belt Buckle

BT1 - Kenworth Belt Buckle

Conventional and cab over Kenworth truck - tractor belt buckle with logo.

Cummins Power belt buckle

BT2 - Cummins Belt Buckle

Cummins Power belt buckle.

Cat Diesel Power belt buckle

BT3 - Cat Belt Buckle

Cat Diesel Power belt buckle.

Mack Truck Belt Buckle

BT4 - Mack Belt Buckle

Mack truck belt buckle with tractor and bulldog logo.

Tractor-Trailer Belt Buckle

BT5 - Tractor-Trailer Belt Buckle

Generic tractor and trailer belt buckle.

Keep on Trucking Belt Buckle

BT6 - Keep on Trucking Buckle

As opposed to the slang... "Keep on Truck'n".