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1952  7up "Swimsuit" Bottle

Duraglas Bottle by Owens-Illinois Glass Co.

Old 7up Bottle front

1952 7up Bottle - Front
Logo with girl in swimsuit.

Old 7up Bottle back

1952 7up Bottle - Back
The "Fresh Up" Drink, ingredients and "YOU LIKE IT - IT LIKES YOU" phrase. This one was bottled in Hoboken, NJ.

Old 7up Duraglas Bottle Bottom

1952 7up Bottle - Bottom
This shows the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. and Duraglas Logos with the date.

This is an old 7up bottle from 1952. The glass is green in color and uses an applied color label (ACL) on both sides. The front has a girl in a swimsuit in white and the Seven-Up logo in white on a red square. Both the front and back has a small white 7up sheild on the neck. It was made by the Owens-Illinois Glass Co. It was their Duraglas product which was used for beer and other bottles that were refilled many times. It stands 8" tall, is 2-1/4" across the bottom and it held 7 fluid ounces. Nothing special here, but it does spark interest in people who remember them. I dug this up in the mid 1970's. The white part of the printed label is very stable, the red part, as you can see, is not.